Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We have an eviction date!

Today was my last official doctor's visit of this pregnancy!  I picked up Art for lunch and we went to a burger place and then in to the OB's office to set up a game plan.

The OB checked me and I'm 3 cm, 50 percent effaced and baby is still at negative 3 station.  We picked our little Leah's official eviction date: this Sunday, July 21st.  The doctor doesn't think I will make it that long, but I guess we will just wait and see what happens.  He did an ultrasound to check on my fluid levels and they are at a 7, which he said is fine.  I also had a non-stress test done and her heart rate is just fine, so there is no concern there.  It's a relief to know that we are both still perfectly healthy because I was getting irrationally anxious before the appointment, just worrying that something might be wrong with her.

I asked the doctor if he could sweep my membranes because I heard that it helps get things started.  I originally didn't want to have it done but I decided I would take it over having to be induced. Oh my goodness, it hurt so bad!  I was breathing really hard trying to control the pain and squeezing Art's hand really tight.  Right now I would do just about anything to get her here though.

The doctor thinks I will be in labor by tonight, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up.  I've had other predictions that obviously didn't come true either!  I did start having contractions on the way home, they were really painful.  I called my doula Cynthia and she suggested taking a bath because my cervix was probably very irritated from the exam and membrane sweep.  So I did that and now I'm feeling better.  I'm planning to take a walk later and hopefully things will pick up tonight but if they don't I won't be too surprised or disappointed.  This kid just seems to be very cozy in there!


  1. Just a few more days!! Come on baby Leah!

  2. I'm so excited for you that you have the end in sight! You'll be holding Leah in just a few more days. :D