Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Stolen Moments

I never really appreciated how much freedom and flexibility I had before having a baby.  Now I hold my breath as my darling daughter sighs and rolls around in her crib, hoping for a few more minutes of silence to accomplish a task or simply to sit still with my thoughts.  Once she awakes it's go, go, go.

To-do's pile up and my brain can't keep track of everything I wish I had time to do.  I'm thankful to be a stay at home mom so at least I do have some free time during her naps and in the evenings instead of having to cram in all of the chores and cooking and prep for the next day.  The paradox is that by staying home I'm physically exhausted every night and all I can do on most nights is run through everything in my mind while I melt into the couch or my bed and watch TV or mindlessly browse Facebook and Pinterest.

I know that life won't be like this forever.  In some ways it's good to be forced to slow down and appreciate the little things more.  Like last night, when Leah saw her daddy and I kiss (a peck on the lips) and she immediately went up to Daddy with her lips puckered, wanting her own kiss!  It was adorable.  Then she came and got one from me too.

Life is so, so good.



  1. I can't imagine how much life must change when you have a baby. I find my life crazy busy now and I still have plenty of moments to myself! I think you're handling it very well and I love that you are appreciating the little things. And how cute that Leah wanted her own kiss. I think we need some pictures!

  2. I love baby kisses!!! They definitely make you realize, I need to stop and enjoy the little things!!