Monday, June 24, 2013

Time is Flying!

Wow, time is getting really short!  I can't believe I only have 15 days until my due date and 5 days left of work!!!!  I'm very excited about being done with work, it's going to be great to have a little bit of time off before the baby gets here to do all the last minute cleaning and stuff and just to be able to relax too.

I made myself a giant to do list this weekend and I'm proud to say that I got a lot of it accomplished.  Not everything, but then again it was probably not attainable from the beginning.

On Saturday I did a bunch of cleaning and then went to a bunch of different stores looking for a few more nursery decorations.  I found a shelf at Home Goods and picked up a few plastic Command hooks for some other things that I wanted to hang up on the wall.  I also found a cute picture frame for Art at Kohl's that says Daddy's Girl.  I searched for some more things to decorate the nursery with but ended up empty handed, so I came home and worked on hanging the shelf.  Unfortunately my shelf hanging abilities aren't the best and I got the screws just a little bit too close together.  It was so frustrating!  Luckily Art came home and saved the day and managed to fix it somehow. 

We had planned to have a date night on Saturday night but Art wasn't feeling well and I was exhausted anyway from all the cleaning and shopping and decorating so we just stayed in and watched tv while I worked on a laundry marathon (the other thing I was doing all day long).  Here's a picture of our first load of baby laundry!  So cute!

The first of many, many loads!
On Sunday I was totally worn out from Saturday and Art still felt sick so we mostly stayed at home.  The laundry marathon continued, I washed more baby clothes as well as the swing and bouncy seat inserts and a bunch of baby blankets. 

Our sweet friends heard about Art not feeling well and offered to bring us dinner.  It was so nice not to have to cook and the food was delicious!  Yummy burgers, sweet potato fries and salad.  Thank you Sarah and Corey! 

On Sunday night we went to church and took part in a film project about life from conception to natural death.  We were video taped at Mass and then afterwards we were taped walking around our church grounds.  Luckily it wasn't too awkward and it felt like an honor to get to help with the project. 

Later on after I got back from a grocery trip, we watched tv and I did more laundry.  I suddenly noticed my belly getting really rock hard.  Not just in one or two spots like usual, but the whole thing.  I told Art and he marked it down in a contraction app on his phone.  It happened 3 more times but it wasn't painful and after those few times it just went away so we chalked it up to Braxton-Hicks contractions.  But, I think it made Art think about his to-do's that still weren't done!  Reality is setting in that she could choose to come any day now.  It's so exciting! 

Overall it was a very productive weekend.  I'm happy to be getting everything finished on my list!


  1. What app does Art have?

    SQUEEEE 15 days!!!

    1. Labor and Contractions Timer by Michael Kale. After you download it, the name shows up as CtxTimer. I'm pretty sure it was free.

  2. You are so organized!! It's getting so close, yayyyy!

    1. Aw thank you! I don't feel that organized but I am definitely trying to be. Every little bit helps!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Isn't it fun to do all their laundry at first? I remember being all excited for those first couple of pink loads of laundry. Now? not so much. Haha :)