Sunday, December 2, 2012

We're moving!

Over the past few months (even before we got our BFP) we have been talking about moving to a bigger house.  We found our dream house and signed a contract on it the day we found out we were pregnant!  Since then, we've been waiting patiently for November 30th to close on the house.  Well, Friday came and that didn't happen...unfortunately the builder didn't get everything completed on time to get all the final inspections done by the county.  Talk about a stressful day!  But in the end, we did sign most all the paperwork and now are just waiting on one more final paper which will probably get done on Tuesday after the final inspections (IF they get done on Monday). 

So it's moving time for us!  Art and I put together a plan of attack yesterday (3 stages, rooms used least to most) and then he awesomely priced out boxes at all the stores and we went to buy supplies.  Today we jump into packing!  3 boxes down, a million to go.  Except that we forgot to buy tape, so Art went to WalMart to get that.  Packing while pregnant isn't exactly a picnic.  I get winded every five seconds.  And after 3 boxes I am tired.  So I will be taking lots of breaks.  But, I want to keep the momentum going so that we can hopefully be moved in next weekend.

Luckily the new house is only a few miles from our current place, so our plan is to start moving boxes over as soon as we get the keys.  We decided to hire movers for the big stuff, considering that I won't be any help and Art just doesn't want to mess with it.  But, our goal is to get the little stuff out of the way so that when they come everything else will already be moved over.  We will see how it goes...stay tuned!  

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