Monday, March 11, 2013

Fixing Up Baby's Bathroom

Yes, you read that right.  Our baby girl is so spoiled that she already has her own bathroom.  Technically it will be the "Kids bathroom" once we have more kids, but for now it is just hers.  The other bedroom next door is currently my craft room.

I've been waiting to decorate it because I knew I would want to do some cute kid decorating.  The other day when I was in Target I found the most adorable furnishings and they were pink and green so they will match her nursery!  I was in love.

So on Saturday while my husband was at work I got busy decorating:

Pink and green owl soap dispenser
Adorable shower curtain
And then I broke out my pink tool kit:
The beauty of pink tools: they are cute and your husband is guaranteed to never use (or misplace) them!

Now why would I need tools to decorate a bathroom?  Well because I had bought a towel ring long ago for this bathroom and Saturday seemed like the perfect time to go ahead and install it.

The instructions said to use a drill to make the holes in the drywall but I just did the old fashioned pilot hole with a nail trick and it worked great!  I'm not very confident with power tools yet.

The finished product:
Baby's beautiful and girly bathroom!


  1. I love the adorable pink and green decorations! It's fabulous and oh so cute. :)

    Plus, I'm super jealous of the pink tool set. I keep asking Dan for one and he keeps saying no, I can just use his tools. Oh well. I do have a pink tool belt though. :P

  2. Aww I love her bathroom! So cute!

  3. That's adorable. I love the owls. So cute.

  4. Your daughter's bathroom is WAY cooler than mine :)

  5. I love the owl theme, and the colors too!