Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hello my name is Erin and I'm a Shopaholic

Haha at least I feel like one these days!  Between maternity clothes, craft supplies and and baby stuff I am wearing that AMEX out!  Good thing I'm pregnant so I basically get a free pass from the hubby :)

I am SO excited to share my latest purchase, it is seriously my favorite piece of maternity clothing that I have bought so far.  It all started when I was looking at all the different boutiques on Zulily and I stumbled on the Rosie Pope boutique.  I immediately loved all of the preppy, adorable clothes!  They were way more stylish than most maternity stuff I've seen.  I especially loved the style of this shirt:

Rosie Pope Palm Beach Tee

Unfortunately it was completely sold out!  So I tried looking on the Rosie Pope website...oh sure, it was there but only in size Large and for $48!  

I may be a shopaholic but I am always in search of a deal and there is no way that I would ever pay $48 for a maternity shirt, no matter how cute.

Luckily, with some additional searching I found the exact same shirt on Amazon for $24!  This time it was only in size XS and there was only one left.  What to do?  I rarely fit into an XS but Amazon has free returns so I went for it!  

I got the shirt today...

It fits and I love it!  It is really comfortable and cute at the same time.  The only thing that was different from what I expected was that the color was definitely more of a hot pink than a coral, but I still think it will look great with dress pants at work or jeans on the weekends.  (PS it looks a little weird in the picture around my stomach because I am wearing leggings.  My regular maternity pants have a smoother band.)  

Yay for at least one piece of maternity clothing that actually looks stylish!  Now does anyone want to buy me more Rosie Pope clothes?  (The website is ... you will see what I mean about the ridiculous prices, unfortunately!)  

Update: I just found this same shirt available in white on Gilt for $24!  It's there in size XS and M right now.  I'm sooo tempted to buy another one, that's how much I love this one!


  1. Yipee! It fits! I love it and you look so dang cute in it! Although you're right, the colour is completely different than what I would have expected. But still adorable.

    :::go buy the white one now::::