Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another day, another breakdown (or, why hormones suck)

I want to apologize in advance, because this is going to be more of a vent-y post than usual.

I'm on day two of having a mini-meltdown as soon as my husband gets home from work.  After yesterday's occurance I swore that today would be better.  After all, yesterday was a really crazy day.  I had to get to work extra early for a customer event that started at 7am.  Then we had a big important meeting from 4-6pm with a bunch of people that I had to try to make small talk with (ie. I was a little intimidated and very worn out at the end of it).  Then I went straight from there to a class at the hospital on epidurals.  I didn't get home until around 8:30, after having to stop to get gas for my car and realizing that our Costco membership was expired. (Costco has great gas prices!  Too bad I had to go renew my membership first).

So anyway, I chalked yesterday's cry fest up to the fact that I was exhausted in more ways than one.  Oh, did I mention that I didn't sleep well the night before either?  Well, I didn't.

Today seemed to be going better for most of the day!  I had to get up even earlier for another customer event, since this one was farther away, but I went to bed earlier.  Plus after the event I just went to the office, no meetings.  After getting home I did meet with our awesome new doula (I will update about that soon, I promise!) but that was fun and actually stress-relieving.

Then a couple of things set me off, and as soon as Art got home I was bawling like a baby.  I just can't seem to pull myself together these days.  It's so upsetting because I am normally great at just sucking it up and swallowing my feelings.  Maybe it's better to let it all out, but it sure doesn't feel like I am being the strong person that I want to be.  Not to mention that I hate burdening him with this.  I hope that I can come to terms with my feelings/hormones soon...and that tomorrow night hopefully I won't be having another breakdown.