Thursday, May 2, 2013

So excited!!!

Today is the day, today is the day!  My best friend and her daughter are coming to visit!  I am so excited that it's GIF-worthy:

Right after work I'm driving to the airport to pick them up and we are headed straight for the beach!  The only minor thing getting me down is that the weather right now is not cooperating.  It's gray and rainy and supposed to rain again tomorrow.  I really hope that it lets up tomorrow so that we can make the most of our beach day and make it a great experience for her daughter (it's her first trip to the beach).  

In preparation for my shower and all of the visitors we will be having at our house (my in laws, my sister, and my friend and her daughter) I decided that I really needed to clean our house.  Unfortunately I procrastinated until yesterday to do it!  I was cleaning non stop from the time I got home from work until almost midnight.  The house looks amazing now, I wish I could always keep it this way, and I am proud of myself that I was able to do so much.  I think I'm doing pretty great for a 30-week pregnant lady!  My feet, legs, hips and back were all extremely sore afterwards but I'm feeling just fine today besides being a little tired.  

In other news, I've been making more progress on my to-do list!

Home Stuff
-Finish organizing my closet Done!
-Clean up the formal living/dining room area (currently being used as a storage/furniture building area) Done!
-Finish organizing the baby's bathroom Done!
-Finish unpacking/decorating the bedroom Mostly done, just need to hang up the mirror and curtains and some other accessories for the room.
-Unpack/organize/decorate the guest room  The room is clean and organized, the decorating may have to wait for later!
 -Install IKEA shelves in the office and unpack the rest of the office stuff We still have more shelving units to install but Art has to wait until someone can help him with them.  Everything is pretty much organized and unpacked though.
-Organize the craft room We made this into a second guest room, but it still needs to be organized as we have boxes and junk to clean out of it.
-Install a utility sink in the laundry room and possibly a counter and shelves

Preparing for the Baby
-Create our baby registry Done!
-Order the crib and dresser Done!
-Order glider Done!
-Get the nursery painted and decorated, with everything set up and organized - This is still in progress, but I'm hoping to get it finished in the next week or two.  I can't wait to share pictures!
-Sew crib bedding and window treatment  Window treatment and crib skirt are done, I just need to sew the crib sheet.
-Read 1-2 baby care books (Baby 411 and What to Expect: The First Year) - Almost done with Baby 411, I might just skim the What to Expect book, it's really thick! 
-Read 1-2 breastfeeding books
-Do 1-2 freezer cooking sessions so that we will have a month's worth of meals on hand and already prepared 
-Call pediatricians I'm going to a group open house next week for a pedi who was recommended to me
-Hire maternity/newborn photographer We have a planning session with our photographer next Monday, yay!
-Call insurance re: cost of breast pump, delivery, etc.
-Decide on pediatrician
-Schedule hospital tour
-Pre-register at the hospital
-Make will, designate guardians
-Research cord blood banking companies

As you can see, my to do list has gotten longer and we still have a lot of things in progress.  But, I think overall I'm happy with where things stand.  10 weeks is still a good chunk of time and I don't want to do everything and then get bored, right? ;)  Little inside joke for those who know me because that would NEVER happen!  I am always finding something else to plan ahead or do it seems.

I can't wait to update after my wonderful weekend and baby shower!  Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. 1. Love the GIF. Have fun with your friend and I hope the weather cooperates.

    2. You are rocking that list! Keep it up. :D

    3. I CANNOT wait until I get to hear all about your baby shower.

    1. Thank you, I will be sure to give you a full report on Monday :)

  2. That's awesome you are making so much progress on your to-do list. Now you can relax and enjoy your visitors and baby shower! Post lots of pics!!!

    1. Thanks! I will have to remember to ask someone to take pictures, I'm usually the one who does it at our family events. I might still bring my camera!

  3. That pic is awesome!!! Hope you have a blast with your friend and a good weekend, despite what the weather turns out to be!

  4. Have a wonderful shower!! Can't wait to see pics!

  5. (I so hear you on the last-minute-cleaning and the I-wish-my-house-ALWAYS-looked-this-good!!!)
    Have fun this weekend!!!

  6. Okay that GIF just keeps cracking me up!!! That's exactly how Brynn and I were before we got on the plane!! LOL And I still can't force myself to read your to-do list. Although by glancing at it, it looks like you are making some really good progress!