Tuesday, November 27, 2012

8 weeks pregnant!

Today I'm officially 8 weeks pregnant!  So I thought I would start doing a little questionnaire every week:

  1. How far along?: 8 Weeks
  2. How big is baby?: Your baby is now a little more than ½ inch long, the size of a raspberry!

    This week, your little tadpole is starting to look a little bit more human. Other exciting developments include:
    Your baby's eyelids, ears, upper lip and the tip of his soon-to-be adorable button nose are forming.

    Junior will also sprout webbed fingers and toes this week—which you'll be well aware of in a few months, as baby starts early gymnastics classes inside you.

    Baby's tiny heart has separated into four distinct chambers and is really ticking now—at a rate of 150 beats per minute. That's more than twice your resting heart rate (even when Brad Pitt is on the screen).
  3. Any appointments or updates this week?: I had my first appointment at the OB/GYN's office on Monday.  I just went over paperwork and my medical history with the nurse and then she sent me for bloodwork and I scheduled my next appointment for December 18th...it feels so far away!
  4. Body changes?  Sore boobs, bloated and very tired!  This morning I felt like I was hit by a Mac truck.
  5. Maternity clothes?: I already have a pair of black maternity dress pants, I bought them because they were on sale on Target.com.  I haven't worn them quite yet but my clothes are starting to feel tighter.
  6. Best moment last week?: Announcing our news to the family
  7. Food cravings?: I haven't had any lately
  8. Symptoms?: Very tired and sometimes nauseous.  I'm also finding food either super appealing or nauseating, there is no in between right now.
  9. Exercise?: Last weekend Art and I went for a walk outside and I did a yoga class.  It felt great!
  10. What I miss?: Coffee in the morning but I don't even really want it right now.
  11. What I'm looking forward to?: My next appointment and getting out of the first trimester
  12. Different this time: I definitely feel much more nauseous than last time around.  Also, we have already seen the healthy baby with heartbeat...that is a huge difference.
This is what our baby looks like at 8 weeks (it's kind of weird right now...but later on this will be really cool!)

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  1. Awww 8 weeks already!!! December 18th is going to come before you know it! PS you need to post a picture of that little one! I'm dying to see your sonogram pic!