Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our First Ultrasound

Our first ultrasound was on Monday, November 19th and I was so nervous!  The last time I was pregnant and had an ultrasound was with Elijah and that's when we found out that he didn't make it.  This time I just kept praying that things would be different.  I was okay until I was waiting in the exam room, then I just started freaking out.  What if something was wrong with this baby too?

Luckily Dr. Jaffe came in and performed the ultrasound and the first thing we saw was the heart monitor and we could actually hear our baby's heartbeat!  It was incredible and so overwhelming.  The little heart was already beating at 152 beats per minute.  What a miracle!

Next, she switched something on the machine and we got to see our little Sweet Pea (our nickname for the baby).  She took the baby's measurements and told us that he/she was measuring at 1cm right now.  So small for already having a heartbeat!

                                            Sweet Pea's first picture

After the ultrasound the nurse gave us a goody bag of parenting magazines and a cute teddy bear...we were officially "graduating" from the RE's office!  It was such a good feeling and I was so touched that all of the office staff smiled at us and congratulated us on the way out, including telling us "I told you it was going to happen!" and "Make sure to send us baby pictures!"


  1. Love it! I love hearing happy ultrasound stories and I'm so excited for you. I'm loving your blog and will be following it faithfully. :)

  2. Thanks Jenn! I'm so excited to have my first reader :)

  3. Okay I'm reading this backwards, so ignore my previous comment about showing an U/S picture. I LOVE IT!! Made me teary eyed to see the LO, which I'll be calling SP (sweet pea) from now on! Lordy I hope it's a girl because calling a boy Sweet Pea probably isn't going to fly once he's here. haha Seriously SP is adorable. We are beyond happy for you guys!

    1. Aww thank you for being so excited for us Nichole! And if it's a boy we will have a good story to tell his future girlfriend or wife some day! haha.