Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day friends!  I truly feel that this is my happiest Valentine's Day yet.  I have so much love for my hubby, for my family and friends, and for our little baby girl. 

I already took pictures of what I'm going to give Art for Valentine's Day, but we aren't exchanging gifts until tonight.  He doesn't lurk he very often but you never I will save that for tomorrow. 

Today I just have to brag about what an awesome best friend I have.  I was telling her about my first experience going shopping for Sweet Pea at Gymboree and how excited I was to score my first Gymbucks!  Nichole is a major deal finder/coupon mom so she told me all about how to do this.  If you buy $50 of clothes at Gymboree during certain time periods, you get a coupon for $25 off your next $50 purchase.  That's really nice because you can do this on top of sales and other coupons.  I'm going to post pictures of all of the cute things I got our girl, but I don't have them uploaded quite yet.  Stay tuned for that :)

Anyway, Nichole reminded me that I better not buy all the tiny baby sizes and that I can be buying bigger sizes too.  I admitted that it was a little overwhelming to try to figure out what season the kid will be in what size, so she made me this awesome size chart!


Isn't it great?!  Although I am wondering if my kid is really going to be in Newborn and 0-3 clothes for very long.  Time will tell, but it's nice to have this to refer to.  Thanks Nichole!  I'm so glad I have a fellow mom to guide me through all this stuff!

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  1. OMg- you are too sweet! I'm just glad I can share this knowledge with you! It's so much fun to shop for little girls, but it can really break the bank! I'm glad you find the chart helpful! It'll be fun to see of SP is a little one or a chunky monkey! :)