Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shopping for our Baby Girl!

So you didn't really think I could make it through the whole day yesterday without buying something special for our baby girl, did you?  Haha of course not!

I saw this adorable outfit and couldn't resist:

I know our baby probably won't need a sweater in July, but the onesie and pants were just too cute to pass up!

I also found this pretty (and more practical) set:

and of course a pink baby blanket to wrap her up in:

So, so exciting!!!  I'm going to do my best to only shop sales and stuff, so I got the scoop on how Gymboree does their Gymbucks and when they run their sales from my BFF Nichole last night...and while on the Gymboree website I just happened to find this!

Perfect, right?!  I just can't believe this is really my life...we are so blessed.  


  1. So adorable! I am 18 weeks and won't find out the sex until next Friday. I look at all of these precious clothes and it's killing me not being able to shop yet! You should check out the "Janie and Jack" website. I've never seen such a selection of cute clothes. It's kind of expensive though.

  2. ADORABLE clothes!!! I am counting down the seconds - ok days (8!) until I find out and start going just as crazy buying clothes!

  3. So cute! I love all of them, perfect choices. You are going to have one well dressed kid. :D

  4. Those are pretty stinking cute! Gymboree had a whole Sweet Pea line about a year ago. It was absolutely adorable! They normally "repeat" styles every 2 years or so, so I'd be on the look out for it again. I love how you call her Sweet Pea! It's just so cute!