Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hump Day Bump Day!

So remember how I was telling you about our awesomely fun weekend?  Here's part of what we did on Sunday.  I had a gift card to Destination Maternity that my awesome parents gave me for Christmas, and I was finally feeling ready to use it!  Up until now my regular clothes have fit okay (with the belly band at least) but I noticed that my shirts weren't exactly long enough and I didn't want to stretch them all out anyway.

So Art sweetly took me to the store, which was down near our nicest mall in town.  Yay shopping!  It's one of my favorite things to do, especially when I have a gift card.  Plus it was President's Day weekend so I was pretty sure there would be good sales. 

Here's what I got from Motherhood/Destination Maternity.  I got all this and I still have some money on the gift card!  Thank you Mom and Dad!

Cute work shirt to wear with a cardigan

Another shirt that I can dress up or down,
good for work and church!

Comfy/cute dress that is perfect
for pretty much anything!

Check out my 20 week bump!!!

Another shirt that I'm in love with!
Oh and that's a peek at my diaper bag!
We weren't planning to buy my diaper bag on the shopping trip, but after going to Motherhood I was disappointed in their pants selection.  They didn't have any demi-panel pants so I insisted on a trip to the Gap, which was next door in the mall.

The Gap had a really good sale going on. I was able to get a pair of black pants, dark wash maternity jeans, a shirt dress and this cute shirt:

Comfy casual shirt
After the Gap we walked around the mall for a little bit and spotted the Vera Bradley store!  Art asked if I wanted to go in, and of course I said yes!  I told him that I wanted to use one of their bags for a diaper bag so we started asking the sales lady questions about what the best bags were.  It turned out that the one I wanted was going to go on sale for 25% off the following week, but she let me have it at that price early.  Yay!!!
My Vera Bradley Miller tote diaper bag in Ellie Blue
And the best part?  They are coming out with a baby line in March!  I signed up for their launch event...for other Vera Bradley fans, here are some links to the adorable things they are coming out with:

It was such a fun shopping day :)  Oh and we did some other things too...I will save those for another post though. 


  1. Adorable clothes! I really love the dress and the blue stripped top. It sounds like you hit some pretty good sales. The diaper bag is really cute as well. It'll be perfect for all of SP's little things.

  2. Ahh!!!! I can't handle all the cuteness in this post! You look so fabulous in all your new clothes, awesome buys. And I LOVE the diaper bag. You're going to be such a stylish mom. :D

  3. Love all the new clothes, you look great!!

  4. Love the new clothes! You look great in all of them and the diaper bag is adorable!

    I really need to get some tops and dresses. I spent so long trying to find pants that were actually long enough, that I kind of forgot about the other things I would need.

  5. You look so beautiful in all the clothes! I especially love the striped dress!