Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My New Ambition

Now that we have our  crib picked out I figure it's time to work on the rest of the nursery.  I want to get it painted before we have the crib and the rest of the furniture moved in.  But, I wanted to pick out the nursery bedding first so that I can coordinate the paint with it and come up with a cute color scheme.

And then a friend gave me a great idea: why not make my own crib bedding?  She did it and it turned out beautifully.  Plus, I haven't been super impressed with the stuff I've seen in the stores.  If I did get a store bought set it would probably be pretty plain and I really want this little one's nursery to be special.

So I've been combing though pages and pages of digital fabric swatches on joann.com and hawthornethreads.com.  I have found some really pretty designs!  And Hawthorne's website is really cool because users can upload pictures of projects that they have done with the fabric.  Which is how I found this:

 Isn't it gorgeous?  Unfortunately the Etsy seller isn't taking orders, because she is pregnant!  But I wanted to do it myself anyway.  My design will probably be way more simple, but I want it to be preppy and girly and fun.

So back to those fabric swatches!  Here's a few bunch that I love that I found: (you can see all of them and some of my nursery inspiration on my Pinterest page)

I'd love to know which one is your favorite and why? 


  1. Ah, I love it! And I love all those fabric swatches. :D

    But if I had to choose, I'd say the one with the giraffe, elephant, hippo, etc. It just seems so happy and fun.

  2. I like #3 but I LOVE #7! They are all nice though. I chose a pink & gray damask print for our nursery and am planning on making the curtains and some stuffed toys but I bought the comforter. I think that's great that you are making your set. Make sure to post lots of pics!

  3. I can't wait to see what you come up with! All of them are pretty. I wish I was more crafty. I'm afraid to even make burp clothes!

  4. I think I'm with Jenn - love the animals on #10!! (They're ALL great choices!)

  5. Is it sad that I recognize more than half of those and have most of them upstairs in the sewing room? Obviously, I like your style!! lol

    I really like all the choices you picked. I think I'm partial to the paisley ones. Okay after I wrote that I went back and looked at them again and crap, I can't pick a favorite! My mom had good advice when I was looking for baby bedding, she told me not to make it too grown up.

    Also you have some bright pinks and light pinks. If you decide to do a bright room or a pale pink room, that will help narrow down the choices.

    I do really love that crib skirt and bedding in the picture you posted. That will be adorable in every fabric you posted.

  6. Loving #1, #7 and #10! The animals on #10 are so adorable. I wish I was well-equipped with a sewing machine, but my skills just aren't quite there yet. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  7. Thanks for all the comments! I love reading everyone's ideas and feedback. I just wrote a new post with more details on which fabric(s) I picked!